第2回 SSSマッチングワークショップ(2020年度)EVENTS

※このイベントは終了しました / This event has ended.
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コンソーシアム参加機関のニーズと、東工大の教員・学生の技術的・人材的シーズをマッチングし、分野を超えた異分野融合研究チームの構築を目指します。そのための、様々な分野の教員・学生 と参加機関の皆様が直接議論をする機会を提供することを目的としています。
昨年度まではOnsiteで実施しましたが、今年度は新型コロナウィルス禍対応のため、Online形式で実施します。参加登録者へはSSSコンソーシアムのMicrosoft 365のアカウントを発行し、ウェブ会議システムのTeamsを利用して、ワークショップに参加していただきます。

2020年11月18日(水) 13:30-17:00(シーズラウンド) プログラムはこちら
2020年12月2日(水) 17:15-20:15(二ーズラウンド)  プログラムはこちら

  お申込みはこちら 東工大教職員の方

□備考:準備する資料については「ショットガン講演とポスター発表要領 ※学生用」(PDF) を参照ください。詳細は後日メールにてお送りいたします。

実施いただきたいこと 学生
ショットガン講演用(兼 事前閲覧用)資料の提出 11月11日まで 11月25日まで
当日の個別セッション用資料の提出 11月16日まで 11月30日まで
当日のショットガン講演と個別セッションの実施 11月18日 12月2日
アンケートへの回答 マッチングワークショップ終了後(マッチング成立用)




□問い合わせ先:超スマート社会推進コンソーシアム事務局 E-mail: application@sss.e.titech.ac.jp

◆About SSS matching workshop

We aim to build interdisciplinary research teams that crosses fields by matching the needs of the Consortium partners with the seeds of the research and human resources of faculty and students at Tokyo Tech. For that purpose, the event provides opportunities for faculty/students in various fields and Consortium partners to have interactive discussions.
The event was held on-site until last year, but this year(AY2020), it will be held remotely to prevent the infection and spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Participants will be issued a Microsoft 365 account of the SSS Consortium to participate virtually in the workshop using Teams, a web conferencing system.

□Target:All Tokyo Tech students, SSS Consortium partners, Tokyo Tech Faculty and Staff
*Participation with seed presentation in this workshop is a prerequisite to enroll in the WISE–SSS Program.
November 18, 2020 (Wed.) 13:30-17:00(Seeds-Round) Program >click here Students’ Presentation Title list >click here
Research presentations by students and discussion with SSS Consortium partners.
December 2, 2020 (Wed.) 17:15-20:15(Needs-Round) Program >click here
Presentations of activities and needs towards super smart society by SSS Consortium partners and discussion with students.
□Venue:Online(The URL for the online workshop will be sent at a later date.)
□Registration: For participation, please register below.
*For students, please apply by October 28, 2020 (Wed.) *Deadline has been re-extended to November 9, 2020 (Mon.)
*Registration for students is now closed

  REGISTER HERE for Tokyo Tech Faculty and Staff

□Remarks: Please refer to “Shotgun presentation and Presentation for Individual session *for students” (pdf) when preparing your submission. Details will be sent by email shortly.

□Schedule from now on:

What to do Students
(for Seeds-Round)
Consortium partners
(for Needs-Round)
Submission of materials for Shotgun presentation by November 11 by November 25
Submission of materials for Individual session by November 16 by November 30
Shotgun presentation and Individual session on the day of the workshop November 18 December 2
Answering the questionnaire After the matching workshop(for matching students and Consortium partners)

(1)Briefing on our previous matching workshop

(2)Students’ Presentation Title list of previous matching workshop

(3)Comments from students participating in the previous matching workshop (excerpt)
・In my individual session, it was very inspiring to receive opinions from a different perspective that is hard to attain in one’s own research community.The opportunity to listen to the company’s presentation was also helpful because some companies helped to enhance my own similar research’s vision.In addition, I was able to learn the needs and problems in society, which helped in expanding my own research’s applications.
・Talking with people from companies was very inspiring, and I think it helped to motivate my research.
・By hearing opinions from various perspectives, I was able to sort out points to be noticed and points to be investigated in my future research.
・It was good to have the experience of giving presentations, asking and answering questions online.I would like to make use of it when giving presentations at academic conferences in the future.Also, I would like to take an internship at a company of my interests during the workshop.
・I think this workshop was a very meaningful opportunity to interact by building a bridge between industry and students.
・I think this kind of chance to communicate with company is really important and it helps me to know what kind of research is matching the need in our society, meanwhile, questions from researchers in company is of great importance to me since I can review my research again and refine it from time to time.

□Contact information:Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium Secretariat E-mail: application@sss.e.titech.ac.jp

List of participating Consortium partners

No. 参加機関 Consortium partners
1 国立研究開発法人 海洋研究開発機構(JAMSTEC) Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
2 国立研究開発法人 量子科学技術研究開発機構(QST) National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
3 国立研究開発法人 産業技術総合研究所(AIST)
Information Technology and Human Factors, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
4 国立研究開発法人 農業・食品産業技術総合研究機構(NARO) National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
6 楽天モバイル株式会社 Rakuten Mobile, Inc.
8 パナソニック株式会社 Panasonic Corporation
10 アズビル株式会社 Azbil Corporation
11 横河電機株式会社 Yokogawa Electric Corporation
12 マツダ株式会社 Mazda Motor Corporation
14 株式会社日立産機システム Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd.
15 日本精工株式会社 NSK Ltd.
16 株式会社クボタ Kubota Corporation
17 コマツ Komatsu Ltd.
18 独立行政法人国立高等専門学校機構(個人) KOSEN National Institute of Technology (Individual Member)




東京工業大学では、超スマート社会(Society 5.0)の実現を推進する超スマート社会推進コンソーシアムを立ち上げました。また、令和元年度卓越大学院教育プログラムに採択され、これらの連携を強化することで超スマート社会の変革期を支えるリーダーを養成します。つきましては、本コンソーシアムおよび本教育プログラムにご賛同頂ける参加機関を募集致します。




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