About “Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium”

Co-creating new social contributions through development of next generation human resource for Super Smart Society

Tokyo Tech is newly launching a consortium to promote the realization of Super Smart Society (Society 5.0), and planning to develop future leaders who are capable of supporting the transformation to Super Smart Society.

To accomplish this aim, Tokyo Tech is looking for highly motivated companies who wish to join this consortium and support this education program. The consortium has been founded in October 2018.

●Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium Activity Report (2020 Academic Year)(PDF)

  • President Kazuya Masu

    Kazuya Masu (President)
    This is a quite new type of consortium that I strongly promote!

  • Dean Nobuyuki Iwatsuki, School of Engineering
    ◇Steering Committee Chair
    Nobuyuki Iwatsuki (Vice President/Professor, School of Engineering)
    I am happy to orchestrate this consortium!

  • ◇Coordinator
    Kei Sakaguchi (Dean, Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society/Professor, School of Engineering)
    ◇Super Smart Society Promotion Committee Chair
    Eisuke Fukuda (Specially Appointed Professor, School of Engineering)
    ◇Social Collaborative Education Steering Committee Chair
    Mitsuji Sampei (Professor, Dept. of Systems and Control Engineering, School of Engineering)
    ◇Interdisciplinary Research Promotion Committee Chair
    Koichi Shinoda (Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, School of Computing)

Japan’s future and Society 5.0
Japan’s future and Society 5.0


    Is there a shortage of networking opportunities for the Super Smart Society?

    Isn’t there a shortage of human resources and education before the advent of cyber physical age that assumes AI?

    Isn’t it necessary to have a research and development team that integrates different fields in order to realize the Super Smart Society and build an ecosystem?


In order to become the world pioneer in the transformation to Super Smart Society, Tokyo Tech will collaborate with participating companies to build a next generation research and education platform through industry-government-academia collaboration.

  • To organize networking opportunities for professionals from various job fields such as private companies, government organization and academia and to promote Super Smart Society through this industry-government-academia collaboration.
  • To cultivate professionals for our future society by creating a next generation systematic curriculum and collaborative education system through the industry-government-academia collaboration for Super Smart Society.
  • To design an inter-disciplinary education program for cyber-physical space required for Super Smart Society and offer participants opportunity to collaborate cultivation of human resources.
  • To design and provide new platform for internships and job-hunting to ensure matching between human resource strategy of companies in Super Smart Society era and individual student’s knowledge obtained in the curriculum.
  • To design and provide various kinds of recurrent education program for future elites or new employees based on company’s human resource strategy.
  • To promote inter-disciplinary joint research projects among participating companies and academia coordinated by professors who possess various knowledge and skills required for realization of Super Smart Society.


The Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium is organized by four committees: Steering Committee which is responsible for the overall operations, Super
Smart Society Promotion Committee which is responsible for carrying out above-mentioned “Mission No.1”, Social Collaborative Education Steering
Committee which is responsible for carrying out above -mentioned “Mission No.2-5”, and Interdisciplinary Research Promotion Committee which is
responsible for carrying out above-mentioned “Mission No.6”.

The Super Smart Promotion Consortium Secretariat

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering E. Fukuda (Specially Appointed Professor)

  • ◇Contact Person of each school of Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • URA, School of Engineering T. Terada
  • URA, School of Environment and Society S. Yoneyama
  • URA, Institute of Innovative Research A. Uejima
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