2021.04.22 As a part of social contribution projects of the SSS promotion consortium, Rakuten Mobile and Tokyo Tech Signed an Agreement to Collaborate on 5G Networks

On March 19, 2021, Rakuten Mobile, Inc. and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), both of which are participating organizations in the Consortium, signed an agreement to mutually cooperate on 5G networks.

Both partners will proceed with various demonstration experiments using the 5G network and aim to create innovations for the realization of a super smart society (Society 5.0) in cooperation with the Consortium.

For more details, please refer to this press release (PDF).


Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium

Open Call for Membership

Tokyo Tech is newly launching a consortium to promote the realization of Super Smart Society (Society 5.0), and planning to develop future leaders who are capable of supporting the transformation to Super Smart Society.To accomplish this aim, Tokyo Tech is looking for highly motivated companies who wish to join this consortium and support this education program.

Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium


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